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How to Prevent Agglomeration of Steel Fibers?

Jul. 12, 2021

The tensile, bending, cracking, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and toughness of steel fiber concrete are significantly higher than those of ordinary concrete, which can reduce bridge deck thinning, increase shrinkage joint spacing, improve bridge deck performance, and extend the bridge. The service life of the surface shortens the construction period. Low-carbon steel fibers can be used to prepare steel fiber concrete for steel fiber concrete used at room temperature; while for fire-resistant steel fiber concrete, stainless steel fibers must be used. Adding proper amount of steel fiber to mortar or concrete can increase its tensile and flexural strength, and greatly improve its toughness and impact strength. As a Fibre Reinforced Concrete Manufacturer, share with you.

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

The properties of steel fiber produced by different preparation methods of steel fiber manufacturers are different. Although steel fiber has not been around for a long time, it has become more and more widely used and more and more types. In order to prevent the fiber agglomeration of the steel fiber concrete during the mixing process, the mixing amount of each mixture is not more than 80% of the fixed mixing amount of the mixer. Once fiber agglomeration is found, it must be removed. Do not use corrosive and easily agglomerated steel fibers , In order to prevent the quality of concrete from being affected; the raw materials and construction quality should be tested and inspected in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification, and it is not suitable for construction in rainy days. In the case of showering, construction should be stopped immediately and unhardened concrete should be covered in time.

For the steel fibers to be more uniformly dispersed in the mortar or concrete, and to increase the aspect ratio of the fibers, a set of water-soluble binder fibers bound together can be used. Steel fiber can be cold-drawn wire cutting, sheet cutting, milling ingots or steel blocks, etc. to extract molten steel. Fiber concrete is prepared together with mild steel fibers at room temperature; stainless steel fibers must be used to prepare concrete refractory fibers. Add appropriate amount of fiber to mortar or concrete, which can improve the tensile strength, bending strength, and greatly improve the toughness and impact strength.

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