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How to Use Steel Fiber to Solve Urban Construction Problems?

Jun. 29, 2021

As a Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Supplier, share it with you.

Steel fiber concrete is a multi-phase, multi-component cement-based composite material. It is a multi-element cement-based composite material that is randomly distributed by adding an appropriate amount of short steel fibers to ordinary concrete. Steel fiber for concrete In order to make the steel fiber more evenly dispersed in the mortar or concrete and increase the fiber length to diameter ratio, the steel fiber that is bonded together by water-soluble glue into a cluster can be used. Steel fiber can be manufactured by cold-drawn steel wire cutting, thin steel sheet shearing, steel block or steel ingot milling, and molten steel drawing. Low-carbon steel fibers can be used to prepare steel fiber concrete for steel fiber concrete used at room temperature; while for fire-resistant steel fiber concrete, stainless steel fibers must be used. Adding proper amount of steel fiber to mortar or concrete can increase its tensile and flexural strength, and greatly improve its toughness and impact strength. It overcomes many shortcomings of concrete and improves the physical and mechanical properties of concrete. Used in engineering, road and bridge, hydraulic, marine and other engineering fields.

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

There are still many problems to be solved in the research and application of steel fiber concrete. Among them, how to minimize its use cost, establish and improve production and construction procedures, and build a reasonable structural theory system are the key research directions. The main properties of steel fiber include tensile strength and bond strength. The test results show that ordinary steel fiber concrete is mainly damaged by steel fiber drawing instead of steel fiber tensile failure. The tensile strength of the fiber generally meets the application requirements. The bond between ordinary steel fiber concrete and the concrete matrix Strength is the main factor affecting the performance of fiber-reinforced concrete. The bond strength is not only related to the performance of the matrix, but also related to the shape and cross-sectional shape of the steel fiber itself. The main function of the random distribution of short fibers in fiber-reinforced concrete is to hinder the expansion of concrete micro-cracks and prevent the occurrence and development of large cracks.

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